Job Interview

Educators continually improve practice from and with others and explore proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning.

The soft-chalk lesson and Symbaloo Web-mix are sources of professional development that prepare higher education professionals like me to assist students with diverse backgrounds.

Working From Home

As Student Success professionals, it is important to understand students' backgrounds to assist them with their career or academic needs.



  • ISTE WEBSITE-International Society for Technology in Education is a global community of educators that provide guidance for educators to use technology. 

  •  ISTE STANDARD FOR EDUCATORS-These standards serve as a guide for educators to assist students become more empowered to use technology while deepening their knowledge, promoting collaboration, and preparing students to drive their own learning. 

  • NACE-National Association of College Employers is a professional organization that connects college career services and recruiting practitioners.  This organization provides professional development, high quality resources, and guidance on key issues.